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We are Professional Acoustic Consultants who work Countrywide throughout Ireland. Dalton Acoustics are highly qualified in the field of noise measurement and reporting.

Specialist Sound Testing Services

Dalton Acoustics offer; Sound Testing to Walls & Floors, Noise Nuisance Measurement, Environmental Noise Assessments & Expert Witness for noise cases among many other sound measurement services

Acoustic Consultants Ireland

Dalton Acoustics Ltd and Sound Test Ireland are Members of Acoustic Consultants Ireland. Where We offer the full range of acoustic consultancy services and sound testing throughout Ireland. Acoustic Consultants Ireland are professionally qualified to the highest standard with Masters Degrees in the specialist area of acoustics and noise control, architectural and building acoustics among others. Our Acoustic Consultants travel Ireland carrying out many varied types of acoustic investigations for complaints or planning applications. Each Acoustic Consultant is capable of using very specialist noise measurement equipment to achieve the best possible outcome at every stage of your required needs.

Sound Testing

We provide Airborne Sound Testing to Walls & Floors, also Impact Sound Tests to Floors as per revised Building Regulations 2014. Mandatory for all new construction developments from 1st. July 2015. Also Sound Testing for Building Facades, Reverberation Time Measurements etc. All carried out by Professionally Qualified Acoustic Consultants with many years of experience.

Environmental Noise

Dalton Acoustics Ltd. provide Noise Measurement of Pubs & Clubs, Traffic & Transport Noise, Industrial or Commercial Plant Noise, Noise Nuisance from other Domestic Properties - Noisy Neighbours, Construction Noise & Concert Noise etc...

Occupational Noise

Noise at Work Noise Measurement & Reporting, as per The Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, Chapter 1 of Part 5 - this is typically required by Current Legislation & Insurers. "Noise at Work" reports and recommendations. We can also advice on remedial measures to reduce noise in your factory or offices.

Sound Proofing

Dalton Acoustics are the only Acoustic Consultants in Ireland with 20 years specialist knowledge in sound proofing Party Walls between semi detached houses and apartments. We have been quietly and silently treating many homes unknown to noisy neighbours with unmarked vehicles for years. We use a proven system in a very practical way!

Dalton Acoustics filming for RTE’s “At Your Service”.

By teddalton | February 11, 2021

AACI are now the ROI representatives of the EAA

By teddalton | February 11, 2021

The Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland is the European Acoustics Associations membership society for the Republic of Ireland, since January 2021. “This further strengthens and aligns Ireland’s involvement with our European partners, allowing for the continued development of acoustics and acoustic research with the European Union”. 

AACI – Launch SI Testing Statement

By teddalton | November 18, 2020

The Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland launch their position statement on Sound Insulation Testing for the ROI. The AACI statement can be found here at and is available for download.

Association of Acoustic Consultants Ireland

By teddalton | February 13, 2019

The Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland (AACI) is a trade association for qualified acoustic, noise and vibration consultancy practices in the Republic of Ireland. The association was initially set up to best represent the interests of acoustics professionals working in Ireland. It is intended that it will continue to assist in shaping and progressing…

Acoustic Resonance of Styrofoam Products

By teddalton | February 13, 2019

GDPR Compliance

By teddalton | May 29, 2018

At Dalton Acoustics Ltd. we take the privacy of our users seriously. This policy explains our data processing practices for GDPR Compliance. The information we collect about you We collect and process Personal Data relating to you in connection to our relationship with you. This Personal Data may include:  name, email address, address, telephone, occupation, and company.…

ACASITI – Advanced BS4142:2014 Training Seminar 06/04/18

By teddalton | February 23, 2018 |

Key items to be covered in the training day: Objective tonality assessment. Objective impulsivity assessment. Discussion on Context and Uncertainty. Usage and trends. Norsonic Instrumentation Campbell Associates for specific applications, calibration and sales Preliminary Schedule: Commencement Time: 10:00am (Sharp) Lunch break 01:00pm to 01:30pm End of BS4142 training at 03:00pm. ACASITI Meeting from 03:00pm to 04:00pm…

Induction Loop Design

By teddalton | June 23, 2017 |

Dalton Acoustics Ltd. are pleased to say we have recently completed ACASITI training with Univox Audio Ltd.and can now offer specialist advice in the design and installation of Induction Loops. Induction Loop installation is a way of assistive hearing in communal spaces and often used in public transport, government offices etc. for hearing aid users. Super…

ACASITI complete STIPA Training

By teddalton | May 23, 2016 |

A very informative morning in Dublin. Many thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to Charles Greene of NTI Audio. A brilliant mornings training on STIPA Measurement technique provided at Dedsound Studios using the live PA system for ACASITI Members and Non Members. STIPA is the method of measurement suggested by Building Regulations…

SoundProofing Review by a Client on

By teddalton | November 15, 2015 |

Here is a link from Ambersky, an anonymous poster on that describes the work he had done by our soundproofing division (Acoustifire) back in 2009 worked We are delighted that people can converse about our services recommending our soundproofing for parti walls in a proper anonymous fashion. Have a read of his or her posts…


Sound Tests for Building Regulations TGD Section E 2014

Dalton Acoustics Ltd. use M.Sc. Qualified Acoustic Consultants Ireland to carry out your airborne sound testing and impact sound testing requirements. The specialist division of Acoustic Consultants (Sound Test Ireland) will guide you advising on construction and remedial measures if and when required to ensure you get prompt professional advice and assistance. Our professionally qualified acoustic consultants qualifications far surpass the competency requirements set out by TGD Section E 2014 for Sound Insulation Testers


Our Acoustic Consultants are Members of The Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland, full Corporate Members of the Institute of Acoustics and ACASITI - Acoustic Consultants Association of Sound Insulation Testers Ireland. We are also members of the Institute of Sound Control Engineers.


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