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Dalton Acoustics offer; Sound Testing to Walls & Floors, Noise Nuisance Measurement, Environmental Noise Assessments & Expert Witness for noise cases among many other sound measurement services

Acoustic Consultants Ireland

Dalton Acoustics Ltd and Sound Test Ireland are Members of Acoustic Consultants Ireland. Where We offer the full range of acoustic consultancy services and sound testing throughout Ireland. Acoustic Consultants Ireland are professionally qualified to the highest standard with Masters Degrees in the specialist area of acoustics and noise control, architectural and building acoustics among others. Our Acoustic Consultants travel Ireland carrying out many varied types of acoustic investigations for complaints or planning applications. Each Acoustic Consultant is capable of using very specialist noise measurement equipment to achieve the best possible outcome at every stage of your required needs.

Our Services

Sound Insulation Testing

Environmental Noise

Transport Noise

Commercial & Industrial Noise

Noise Nuisance Assessment

Noise Impact Assessment

Noise at Work

Architectural Acoustics

Live Event Noise

Domestic Sound Proofing

Noise Expert Witness

Night-time Economy Noise Mitigation Grant Scheme 2023

Our Clients include...

State & Semi State Bodies, Commercial, Architects & Designers, Builders / Developers & Homeowners – Our Client list is very exhaustive!

Sound Test Ireland is our specialist Acoustic Consultancy Division for Sound Testing New Houses & Apartments as per the revised Building Regulations 2014 for Builders and Developers. As a specialist in sound Insulation testing, Sount Test Ireland has conducted substantial amounts of sound tests and can provide predictive data as well as testing.

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