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About Dalton Acoustics Consultants Ireland

Dalton Acoustics Ltd. is a professional acoustic consultancy practice which is privately owned Irish company. We offer our specialist acoustic consultant services countrywide.

Our Specialist Acoustic Consultants services include;

Clients & Contracts;

State & Semi State Bodies, Commercial, Architects & Designers, Builders / Developers & Homeowners – Our Client list is very exhaustive!

Sound Test Ireland is our specialist Acoustic Consultancy Division for Sound Testing New Houses & Apartments as per the revised Building Regulations 2014 for Builders and Developers. As a specialist in sound Insulation testing, Sount Test Ireland has conducted substantial amounts of sound tests and can provide predictive data as well as testing. For more information see our website

Managing Director & Principal Acoustic Consultant:

Ted Dalton, M.Sc. (Hons) App Acoustics, B.Sc. (Surv) (Hons), H. Dip. Con. Econ. (Hons), Dip. Con. Surv. Tech. (Hons), M.I.O.A., MInstSCE Mr. Ted Dalton holds an Honours Science Degree in Surveying (BSc.) and took the Institute of Acoustics Diploma with specialist modules in Architectural & Building Acoustics in 1998 elected as an AMIOA (Acoustic Consultant). In 2004 he took accreditation with Sound Research Laboratories UK for Sound Insulation Testing methodology, theory and practical calculation / reporting. In 2005 he was elected MIOA (Senior Acoustic Consultant). In February 2016 he successfully completed the “Advanced Sound Insulation Testing Training” course with Sound Research Labs UK and has recently completed an Honours Master’s Degree (MSc.) in Applied Acoustics with the University of Derby, UK.

Measurement of Sound Insulation in Buildings & Building Elements – Additional accreditation at Sound Research Labs – UK;

Building Regulations Technical Guidance Documents Section E 1997

BS EN ISO 140 – 4: 1998 BS EN ISO 140 – 7: 1998 and calculations to: BS EN ISO 717 – 1: 1997 BS EN ISO 717 – 2: 1997

Building Regulations Technical Guidance Documents Section E 2014

BS EN ISO 16283 – 1: 2014 BS EN ISO 16283 – 2: 2015 and calculations to: BS EN ISO 717 – 1: 2013 BS EN ISO 717 – 2: 2013

Institute of Acoustics Diploma: With specialist areas and Acoustic Consultancy services in

  • General Principles of Acoustics
  • Architectural & Building Acoustics
  • Noise Control Engineering
  • Environmental Noise Assessment & Measurement
  • Workplace Noise Assessment

Institute of Acoustics Specialist Course for – Certificate of Competence Environmental Noise Measurement

University of Derby: Masters Degree (MSc Honours) in Applied Acoustics.

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