Architectural Acoustics

Architectural Acoustics

The science of Architectural Acoustics is ability to get the sound right in a building.


Dalton Acoustics Ltd. may be involved from design stage and planning. 

Then on to the construction process and completion of a building including testing. 

We liaise with many Professional Architectural & Engineering practices throughout Ireland on a wide range of Architectural projects.

We make sure that the building complies with standards and regulations.

Initially through Consultation with the Client & the Clients’ Agents, the acoustic requirements of the proposed development are established.

Acoustic requirements may be governed by current legislation or the needs of the Client.

A specification docment is then is drawn up for approval.

During the construction process, as the building evolves there are many areas where acoustic expertise is required.

This is where we bring our expertise to guide in the best possible practical solutions, thus, ensuring the design goals are met.

Top View of Construction plans with Tablet, drawing and working Tools on blueprints; Architectural and Engineering Housing Concept.


On completion there are various acoustic tests which can establish that design specifications have been achieved.

Acoustic Testing to International Standards for:

Airborne Sound Insulation Testing between walls & floors.

Impact Sound Insulation Testing between floors.
Reverberation Time Measurement.
Noise Rating Curves for internal levels (plant noise).
Apparent Sound Reduction Index of separating structures.
Various speech intelligibility measurement parameters
Facade Measurement.