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AACI are now the ROI representatives of the EAA

he Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland is the European Acoustics Associations membership society for the Republic of Ireland, since January 2021. “This further strengthens and aligns Ireland’s involvement with our European partners, allowing for the continued development of acoustics and acoustic research with the European Union”. 

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Association of Acoustic Consultants Ireland

The Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland (AACI) is a trade association for qualified acoustic, noise and vibration consultancy practices in the Republic of Ireland. The association was initially set up to best represent the interests of acoustics professionals working in Ireland. It is intended that it will continue to assist in shaping and progressing

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GDPR Compliance

At Dalton Acoustics Ltd. we take the privacy of our users seriously. This policy explains our data processing practices for GDPR Compliance. The information we collect about you We collect and process Personal Data relating to you in connection to our relationship with you. This Personal Data may include:  name, email address, address, telephone, occupation, and company.

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ACASITI – Advanced BS4142:2014 Training Seminar 06/04/18 

Key items to be covered in the training day: Preliminary Schedule: Commencement Time: 10:00am (Sharp) Lunch break 01:00pm to 01:30pm End of BS4142 training at 03:00pm. ACASITI Meeting from 03:00pm to 04:00pm Meeting close at 04:00pm. BS 4142 describes methods for rating and assessing sound of an industrial or commercial nature.  It enables the effects

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Induction Loop Design

Dalton Acoustics Ltd. are pleased to say we have recently completed ACASITI training with Univox Audio Ltd.and can now offer specialist advice in the design and installation of Induction Loops. Induction Loop installation is a way of assistive hearing in communal spaces and often used in public transport, government offices etc. for hearing aid users. Super Loops and

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