Domestic Sound Proofing

We have 20 years specialist experience in soundproofing semi-detached houses and apartments in Ireland. We install a proprietary airborne noise reduction treatment to Party Walls in homes throughout Ireland. We offer honest professional advice on soundproofing treatments and pride ourselves on our results. Soundproofing a Home is a once off opportunity and requires the understanding of someone who is fully trained in noisy neighbor issues, party wall problems. Laboratory test data on systems installed suggests an improvement of between 50% to 75% is possible on what was already there, using proprietary laboratory tested party wall upgrade systems.

Thankfully the new Building Regulations 2014 for Sound Testing along with upgraded requirements for party walls and floors should mean over time less and less additional soundproofing treatments will be required.

Our Acoustic Consultants firmly believe that due to the very nature of sound being subjective to each specific individual, it is very important every individual / prospective Client, be fully informed at a Consultancy level before any soundproofing treatment should be carried out. We insist on consultation before treatment to assess if the installation of a system may improve the noise issues.



  • Only the Highest available “Tested” solutions will be offered.
  • All consultations will be with a Qualified Senior Acoustic Consultant(MSc MIOA).
  • All quotations will be in writing and deemed “all inclusive” unless specifically stating otherwise, for a period of 3 months from date of quote.
  • All work will be carried out with absolute professionalism in the Client’s Home.
  • Only fully trained applicators will be used to install systems.
  • Our Vehicles will be free from soundproofing signwriting!
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