Environmental Noise

Environmental Noise issues can cause distress to residents, business owners and the general public if it is not controlled. Examples of Noise Nuisance causes are transportation noise, factory and machinery noise, noise from construction sites, musical instruments from domestic houses and intruder alarms can all contribute to a negative experience.

Our Acoustic Consultants hold the IOA – Institute of Acoustics Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise Measurement.

This is a specialist module taken by our Acoustic Consultants. It can be  obtained for greater expertise in the field of environmental noise measurement, assessment & reporting. This provides us with greater expertise when appearing as an expert witness in a legal noise case.


Typical Acoustic Standards & Guidelines used by our Acoustic Consultants are;

World Health Organization (Residential) 2000 -“Community Noise Guidelines”

BS 8233: 2014 – “Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction for Buildings” 

BS 7445: 2003 – “The Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise”.

BS 4142:2014 – “Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound”

Guidance Note for Noise: License Applications, Surveys and Assessments in Relation to Scheduled Activities (NG4)

ISO 1996-1:2016 (Part 1) Acoustics -Description, measurement and assessment  - Basic quantities and assessment procedures

BS 5228-1:2009+A1:2014 Code of practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites.

S.I. No. 140/2006 - Noise Regulations 2006

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