Expert Witness for Noise Nuisance Cases

Our Acoustic Consultants have appeared in courts up to the High Court as Expert Witness for Noise Nuisance Cases. Also on Transport Noise cases but more often than not, the District Courts either defending or assisting a noise nuisance case. These cases can be in defence of Pubs & Clubs with entertainment noise or patron noise.  At other times we are representing the complainant about the very same issues. This has given our Acoustic Consultants a vast range of experience being cross examined along with completion of an “Expert Witness Training” programme.

The EPA Act 1992 – (Noise Regulations 1994) Statutory Instrument – SI No. 179 of 1994 is a very useful tool for guidance on noise issues suffered by residents of domestic properties. Dalton Acoustics are equipped to advise on the startup process for proceeding with a case in the district courts based on this SI.

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